Maintenance & Support

24 x 7 email support and 24 x 5 phone support included with all plans.

Hourly Support Packages

2 HourEntry Support$149

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  • Generally $169
    Save $11


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  • Generally $320
    Save $31

5 Hour$349

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  • Generally $400
    Save $51

10 Hour$679

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  • Generally $800
    Save $121

Hourly Support Packages

20 Hour$1,299

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  • Generally $1600
    Save $301

40 Hour$2,499

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  • Generally $3200
    Save $701

50 Hour$3,099

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  • Generally $4000
    Save $901
iVenzu Technologies have quintessential support packages which will be a great help to the clients. The very first priority of iVenzu is to maintain your website and solve each problem which comes in your way.

You can use any support package for any of your website designed by iVenzu Technology

Our comprehensive support packages address your everyday maintenance and support requirements at any stage in the life cycle of your business website. By offering consistent product and service efficiency and the flexibility to choose the level of support you need, iVenzu Technologies helps you deliver superior customer service. Best of all, you can focus on valuable resources on core business activities.

Around the Clock Operations Support iVenzu Technologies helps you minimise risk by providing 24 x 7 by email and 24×5 by phone support, advanced replacement, on-site emergency technicians and more. Your revenue-generating websites operate at peak performance, which maximises your return on investment.

Our Support Package Includes:

  • Detailed Reporting
  • Network Management
  • Third Party Service Integration
  • Expert Consultation
  • Account Management
  • Remote & Onsite Support
  • Procurement & Installation
  • Customer Support
  • Real-Time Monitoring

Let us work on your excitedamazing ideas, to build your business digital assets.

Many customers in many countries use our services.

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